Zack ryder nuevo look

Jamie O'Hara ready in the ring under his "new Look" pesona

Jamie Michael Ryan (born December 4th, 1985) is an Australian professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Jamie O'Hara. He is currently signed to the Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) and Revolution X Wrestling. Jamie has been a former champion in the UWF and is currently the reigning SOW Champion in RXW. He is also a multi time X-Treme Champion and the winner of the UWF Brawl For It All match at Cross Roads 2010.

Early LifeEdit

Growing up, Jamie had a, fairly simple life. He had always had a passion for Wrestling but his parents and friends believed it was out of his reach considering his location at the time. He played Local sport as his passion for wrestling started to fade away. It wasn't untill later where he was dragged by a mate an Australian wrestling school in Sydney where his talent was discovered.

Getting Into The BusinessEdit

Jamie wow'd fans across the continent with his inovative wrestling style, earning a memorable name in australian wrestling when he won The AWA Heavyweight championship against all odds infront of his friends and family. Shortly after winning the AWA Heavyweight championship, He helped his brother, Mitch O'Hara, get into the business. The two won prestitgious tag team gold across Australia before they went head to head infront of thousands of fans which has been named the match of the mellenium. Jamie lost to his younger brother which sent shockwaves throughout the Australian wrestling society. Jamie and Mitch both left Australia to continue their careers in Japan and Europe, winning tag team gold and winning world titles before they departed

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